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Online Learning

I offer online course and workshops on a wide variety of topics from music psychology to well-being and health. My courses are suitable to different audience groups such as students, practitioners, musicians and music lovers. With my passion for teaching and expertise in music psychology, I am committed to providing quality online education that empowers individuals to leverage the power of music in their personal and professional lives. You can find more information about ongoing and upcoming course and workshops here.

Artistic Collaborations

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Professional Consultancy

I offer professional consultancy services to established companies and/or new start-up businesses working with music. I can assist the development of music-based apps providing expert insights to help businesses to ground their brand vision on scientific research.

Scientific Divulgator

As a passionate music psychology researcher, I offer services that bridge the gap between research and the general public. Through engaging and accessible communication, I strive to make complex music-related research understandable and relevant to a broader audience. My services include providing written content and giving talks on topics in music and psychology research. By working with me, you can promote evidence-based practices and improve the public understanding of the ways in which music affects our lives.


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