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Unlock the Power of Music in Your Life


This is an engaging, self-contained and compact course that I run on Udemy. In this course, I share with you evidence-based and up-to-date scientific knowledge that will help you to unfold the full potential of music in your life. We'll look at how music affects the human brain, emotions and thoughts, and translate these research findings into healthy habits that can enhance your life and well-being. In this musical journey, you’ll also learn about the human mind and brain, tricks to live a happier life, and to bring more awareness into your everyday routines. The course is not designed to academic audience, but instead is open to everyone who is fascinated about music, personal development, wellbeing and mental health. I use a mixture of short lectures and hands-on activities. No previous music or psychological knowledge is required, only a curious mind, open to novelty, and a willingness to enhance your life.

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